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            About Jiuli
            ZheJiang Jiuli Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.
            Address: Wuxing District,Huzhou City,Zhejiang Province
            NO.3009 HuZhi Avenue
            Jiuli Stainless Steel Industrial Park
            E-mail: qiujiande@jiuli.com
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            company profile

            Zhejiang Jiuli Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd is located at Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province on the south bank of Taihu Lake of “Yangtz Delta” -----called possessing the strongest economic vitality in China. “Jiuli Steel Structure” was founded in February 2001, and is a wholly owned enterprise of Jiuli Group Co., Ltd (key enterprise of Zhejiang Provincial “five one-batch“, “Huzhou Star Enterprise”, winner of the national May 1st Labor Medal). The company was awarded successively Huzhou Municipal Creditable Unit with Keeping Promise, Grade AAA Credit Enterprise, Huzhou Municipal Labor Sincerity Enterprise. It is a director unit of Zhejiang Province Steel Structure Trade Association, and also the group member of Shanghai Metal Association, China Steel Structure Association and China Architectural Metal Structure Association. It participated in the compilation work of “Typical Examples of Steel Structure Design and Calculation---the ancillary monograph for “GB50017--2003” National Standard Design and Application.

            The company owns the grade one qualification for specially contracting steel structure projects promulgated by Ministry of Construction, by which design, manufacture and installation of various industrial and civil steel structure projects can be undertaken by it; the company has established perfect authentication systems, and passed the authentications of ISO9001:2008 and GB/T50430—2007 Quality Management Systems, the authentication of ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System, the authentication of GB/T28001—2011 Professional Health and Safety Management System etc. It owns CWB Certificate for qualification authentication of Canadian Welding Association, by which the company can undertake export processing of steel members from Europe, America, Australia etc. Based on domestic markets, the company has established many marketing offices domestically; a marketing network radiating to whole China is formed gradually. The company has participated in international competition, and has set up its branches at Madagascar and Botswana, Africa. “Jiuli Steel Structure” is one of the building enterprises which firstly entered into international markets in Huzhou area.

            The company owns modern factory buildings with 30000-odd m2 area, and NC production line of steel structure computer with annual output 30000 t. In the park area, there are specialized test center with perfect facilities to provide solid foundation for steel members of high quality, meanwhile, the company owns a batch of excellent employee teams who carry out cooperation between teams and strive to make progress and the managerial team for specialized engineering installation and construction on spot, providing powerful guarantee for constantly perfecting the brand standards of “Jiuli Steel Structure”. At present, the company has successfully completed the tasks of manufacture and installation of 6,000,000-odd m2, and its multi projects won “Zhejiang Province Diamond Award of Building Steel Structure”, setting better brand and image of “Jiuli Steel Structure”.

            Looking to the future, “Jiuli Steel Structure” will take the operational idea, as in the past, of Jiuli Group----“Serving the customers, making contribution to the society and developing itself with mature techniques and reliable product quality”, with adjusting building industrial structure as its own responsibility, making unremitting efforts for building industries turning into the pillar industry of the national economy in reality as well in name.
            The company adheres to the idea of achieving success by quality, and seriously implements the quality policy. Through continuous struggle and accumulation, we have acquired many honors and qualifications, and gotten social recognition; the future is our pursuit.
            In respect of management, the company advocates the management of people-oriented, systematization, being institutionalized and specialized, optimization; whole managerial system should have a prospective and systematic design, and should be optimized uninterruptedly on the basis of this.
            In accordance with the modern enterprises’ management system, “Jiuli Steel Structure” will continue to push the development toward standardized management and scientific management from experience management. Up to now, the company has established a set of the framework of the company which is highly efficient and orderly with upper and lower patency.
            “Jiuli Steel Structure” is determined to be an expert of one-stop type steel structure system solving scheme. It has formed a set of mature solving scheme in respects of various linkages of design, manufacture, construction and service, which together, they forms the solving scheme of Jiuli Steel Structure system.
            “Jiuli Steel Structure” is determined to be an expert of one-stop type steel structure system solving scheme; it embodies the comprehensive and professional of the company.
            Design is a source and core competitiveness. It should make the best, thus the “Jiuli Person” actively grasps frontier techniques and pursue excellent products to realize the high, the exquisite, the sophisticated, the superior. “Jiuli” owns a design team whose members have profound knowledge, abundant experience. With reasonable structure, the team is developing towards the direction of specialization and vocationalization. Applying advanced design software, such as xsteel, autocad etc., designing personnel carried out various complicated spaces and special steel structure  modeling, design of processing drawings, design of manufacturing technological processes and programming of computer auxiliary manufacture, providing effective technical supports for processing, production, and installation on spot.
            The company vigorously develops technical exchanges externally, grasps frontier techniques, seriously carries out learning and exploration for the application of new technological processes, new materials. It has cooperated with Zhejiang University of Technology to establish the experimental base of steel structure, tackled technical difficult points of steel structure for many times and participated in the compilation work of “Typical Examples of Steel Structure Design and Calculation---the ancillary monograph for “GB50017--2003” National Standard Design and Application.
            The company owns modern production factory building with 30,000-odd m2, and paid large sums of money to import multi flow lines for advanced steel structure production, and owns the production lines of complete heavy steel and box- type beams and columns, providing hardware foundation for production of high quality steel members.
            Reliable quality derives from reliable persons. Through favorable treatment and perfect welfare system, Jiuli Steel Structure guarantees the stability of industrial worker ranks, meanwhile, the company regularly organizes skill training and safety training; it created conditions in many respects to train reliable persons. The company owns CWB Certificate for qualification authentication issued by Canadian Welding Association, by which the company can undertake export processing for steel members with special requirements.

            2007@Zhejiang Jiuli Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.

            Zhejiang province Huzhou city Wuxing District Lake Textile Road No. 3009, Jiuli Stainless Steel Industrial Park

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