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                Zhejiang Jiuli Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd is located at Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province on the south bank of Taihu Lake of “Yangtz Delta” -----called possessing the strongest economic vitality in China. “Jiuli Steel Structure” was founded in February 2001, and is a wholly owned enterprise of Jiuli Group Co., Ltd (key enterprise of Zhejiang Provincial “five one-batch“, “Huzhou Star Enterprise”, winner of the national May 1st Labor Medal). The company was awarded successively Huzhou Municipal Creditable Unit with Keeping Promise, Grade AAA Credit Enterprise, Huzhou Municipal Labor Sincerity Enterprise....【查看更多】

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            Zhou Zhijiang, chairman of the National Model Worker of the steel industry, the honorary title

            Recently, in recognition of advanced, promote righteousness, be inspired to further motivate the construction of the steel industry steel power front cadres and workers' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, the national steel industry advanced coll...【View More】


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