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            Company news
            Steel Company successfully completed the production of 45 meters long and hoisting crane beam
            Source:久立鋼構Keyword:successful,completionPublish Time:2014-06-04

            Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhe Jiang Jiuli by the construction of Zhe Jiang Jiuli Corporation 5000 tons tubes project, recently successfully completed the first steel columns lifting, and held a groundbreaking ceremony.

            Due to the particularity of 5000 tons tubes items of equipment, designed with even smoke in the form of five columns, making the surrounding components to produce a large load, which appeared in the 45 m long crane beams and trusses, as well as a number of special-shaped columns. Span up to 45 meters in the production process components brought us unprecedented challenge to the whole. Period, the company leadership repeatedly visit to inspect the construction site, giving high importance to this project.

            The crane girder span (45m), large size (width 0.4m, height 3.2m), large weight (35t), metallurgical industrial plant construction is extremely rare, to production, installation brings great difficulty. The crane beam camber control, allowance control, H-beam assembly, welding and other critical control point is placed in the employee's long-established steel one after another in front of a real problem, face unprecedented challenges, long-established steel top-down attention, orchestrated, well-organized, corporate leaders and departments collaboration and close coordination, the workers overtime, selflessly assembled and welded away a sleepless night. In the crane girder truss production also overcome a number of difficult processing project components simultaneously produced a tight schedule conflict, after more than a month, and finally completed in time for the lifting of the preparations on the eve of the final project schedule to ensure the success of the overall increase.

            Long crane beams and trusses engineering production, the successful implementation and completion of the marks in the long-established steel fabrication and installation aspects are significant advances in installation tasks workforce has thus undergone a test and exercise.

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