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            Company news
            Fujian Chemical representatives personally delivered excellent supplier medals
            Source:久立鋼構Keyword:Fujian,Chemical,representatives,personally,delivered,excellent,supplier,medalsPublish Time:2014-06-04

            March 8, Fujian Petrochemical Company Limited supply integrated management Circulation Department Head movement peak travel long distances, personally, "the transformation of ethylene debottlenecking projects and overhaul work stoppage in 2013 - Excellent Supplier" medal total to my company vice president Li Zheng Zhou hands, thanks to palpable. This is again from customers on long-established affirmation of long-established products, long-established quality, long Liren, long-established culture, long-established concept of identity.

            2013 Fujian joint stoppage overhaul project urgency, order dispersion, high production requirements. Li received from long from April 13, 2013 the first contract began joint Fujian, until December 10, 2013, within a short period of nearly eight months time, long-established total workers receive Fujian large size a total of 34 small contracts, an average of one every 7 days orders, small orders to tens of kilograms, hundreds of kilograms to hundreds of tons large. Regardless of order size, all of one mind, actively coordinate, firepower, and finally completed all orders in Fujian related 14 January, overhaul its reconstruction projects for valuable production time. During the joint Fujian has raised objections to the quality of products. According handling business people recalled the day after receiving their own circulation department of Fujian supply in doubt about a proposed variety and quality of the company's leadership immediately reported. Company immediately set up an emergency plan team personnel rushed to the scene within 24 hours, to solve customer problems dissent. Through on-site construction products and understanding of the situation, after the inspection, construction units and technical exchanges with third parties with related departments in Fujian, found long-established products without any quality problems, completely normal and safe to use. Fujian and inspection, construction units are deeply stunned, an enterprise react so quickly, very rare in the industry. Meanwhile, as long as the long-established business people at the scene to take the initiative to help transfer objects. Meticulous service, proactive attitude, combined Fujian and inspection, construction units are on the long-established products, long Liren thumbs-up.

            Long-established practice that is so hard, "rapid response, marketing services", has put the customer first, customer smile is our goal, so that customers of the long-established smile blooming flowers, so long-established flowers all over the world. every corner!

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