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            Industry news
            Nickel, chromium, molybdenum, stainless steel and other resources to influence China to become powerful?
            Source:久立鋼構Keyword:Nickel,chromium,molybdenum,stainless,steelPublish Time:2014-06-04

            "Bottleneck raw material constraints, become the focus of attention of the world. Concern is the lack of nickel, chromium fewer raw materials, the ability to support the Chinese move to stainless steel powerhouse." In recent years, the rapid development of China's steel industry, stainless steel crude steel production in 2006 reached 5.3 million tons, an increase of 68 percent over the previous year, surpassing Japan, ranking first in the world. China is produced from stainless steel production and power development to the kingdom, attracted worldwide attention. So, the bottleneck constraints of raw materials has become the focus of attention of the world. Concern is the lack of nickel, chromium fewer raw materials, the ability to support Chinese steel power forward.

            Since the 1990s, the rapid development of China's national economy stimulating growth of stainless steel consumption, consumption increased year after year, from 750,000 tons in 1995, the development in 2005 of 5.22 million tons, an increase of 6 times 10 years, in 2001 China has become the the world's largest steel consumer. However, the domestic stainless steel production growth to keep up with growth in consumption, imports increased year by year, in 2003 up to 300 million tons. As the consumer driving the market, so that China's stainless steel industry has entered a rapid development stage, the formation of the national key steel enterprises Southern Po (steel) North Pacific (steel) situation, joint steel enterprises have settled in China, private steel plants springing up everywhere. This is four years, domestic consumption growth momentum begins to slow down, with domestic production increased every year, so imports declining trend.

            In 2006, Chinese crude stainless steel production reached 5.3 million tons, more than Japan ranked first in the world. Domestic production, nickel, chromium stainless steel production 3.304 million tons, accounting for 62.4% of total production, chromium stainless steel production 1.185 million tons, accounting for 22.3% of total production, chromium, manganese stainless steel production 811,000 tons, accounting for total 15.3%, representing a decrease of 8 percentage points. In 2006, imports of 2.501 million tons of stainless steel, down 20.13%; exports 904,000 tons, representing a decrease of 122.6%. According to forecasts, by 2010, China will form a steelmaking capacity of 13.25 million tons of stainless steel. 70% coefficient of production, will produce 9.27 million tons of crude steel; hot-rolled capacity of 13.52 million tons, up by 70 percent capacity factor, will produce 9.32 million tons of stainless steel hot-rolled sheet; cold-rolled strip equipment capacity 7.6 million tons, by 75% coefficient of production, will produce 5.7 million tons of cold-rolled stainless steel strip.

            China is a shortage of nickel, chromium little country, stainless steel raw material constraints to the development of very prominent. Stainless steel, ultimately, nickel, chrome and other alloys. Nickel stainless steel production, consumption and cost of nickel over 80% of the total cost, there is no doubt these basic raw materials, stainless steel production will become bricks without straw. However, our resources are more scarce these materials. 2020, 45 kinds of important mineral resources, the country can ensure that there are 24 kinds of supply shortages have 10 kinds, there is a serious shortage of nine kinds of bulk minerals needed national economy, such as oil, iron, copper, aluminum, potassium, nickel, chrome etc can not meet the need.

            At this stage, China's stainless steel market is currently overcapacity problem and is caused due to lack of market demand, the fundamental crux of the product does not meet the characteristics of the domestic market demand. Steel producers on the one hand should be committed to developing the low-end market, the development of market demand for (low-nickel, nickel-based), performance can be comparable with 304 stainless steel; hand vigorously high-end products, such as automotive grade stainless steel, etc., present such a high value-added products still need to rely on imports to meet demand. Stainless steel producers continue to focus on the production of public goods such as steel, 304, only the cost of the surge is to promote, but instead will only inhibit the high market demand, steel prices eventually suffer. Thus, in the domestic situation of the nickel cost remains high, foreign steel producers to develop a series of alternative materials, such as D-7, D-11, new steel 315J1 and other domestic steel producers are also conscious of the increase production ratio of 400 series of products, in order to reduce procurement costs, to meet the actual needs of downstream consumption. China is now in stainless steel smelting technology is developing rapidly, especially TISCO has basically reached the world advanced level, China has the ability to produce ultra-low carbon and nitrogen ferritic stainless steel, and produced a number of new steel grades. As a new generation of car emissions fastening systems, railway trucks, container manufacturing ferritic stainless steel, TCS345/410L; decorated with high-performance ferritic stainless steel, elevator panels, wall decorative fasteners, 439/436/444 ; excellent formability of ferritic stainless steel, 430LX/430UD, with its market prospect is very broad.

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